Let Experienced Roofers in Oshkosh WI Eliminate Those Roofing Issues

by | May 18, 2017 | Roofing


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The weather in the Oshkosh area can be hard on a roof. Excessive cold, sleet, hail, and rain will slowly damage the materials used in several types of roofing solutions. One way to reduce these damages is to have the structure inspected by expert Roofers in Oshkosh WI. There are various things that the roofer can look for including water stains on the underside of the roof and shingles that have cupped or curled. Most water stains occur further down the roof from where the leak begins, and a properly installed roof should reduce the chance of leaks due to faulty shingles. However, some leaks occur around roofing details such as attic vents or exhaust pipes. These details should have reliable caulking, and this is one of the things that the roofer will test.

One problem that can turn into an expensive repair is shingle cupping. This is when the lower edge of the shingle forms an upside down cup and is typically the result of bad decking. Modern decking uses engineered lumber such as OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood. Engineered wood such as this is held together with resin and cured under pressure, but once water reaches the wood, it causes the fibers to swell. This is a serious problem for OSB because the swelling fibers can push up against the shingles and allow more moisture to seep into the wood. The upward press of the decking can result in either cupped shingles or loose shingles. Roofers in Oshkosh WI can repair the problem, but it may require removing a large portion of the shingles to access the damaged decking.

When the roofing material gets old, cracked or otherwise damaged, it is time to replace the roof. There are several options that the property owner can choose from including the three-tab asphalt shingle, composite shingles, fiber cement tiles, clay tiles and metals such as stamped steel or copper. Each of these roofing solutions can provide a reliable roof, but some of them create a roof that can survive for decades. One example is the laminated shingle. Laminates are a type of composite shingle that uses additional asphalt on the back of each sheet. This results in a stronger product and a more reliable roof. Click here and get further information about roof repairs.

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