Making sure you get the best vinyl flooring

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Home Improvement


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For you to make sure that you are getting the best vinyl flooring in Spring Grove IL it is important that you fully understand the characteristics of vinyl floor coverings. For example, vinyl tiles are padded; this is not the case for other types of floor tiles. This is an important fact as the resulting floor will be easier on your feet and legs if you stand on it for an extended period of time and it may help with keeping dishes that are dropped in one piece. The same quality however can also be detrimental because it can show dents from spike heels or from items which are dropped on the floor. A great way to overcome this minor irritant is to choose patterned vinyl flooring in Spring Grove IL rather than a solid color.

You also have to consider which would be the best choice; tiles or sheets. In most cases homeowners opt for individual tiles rather than sheet simply due to the ease of installation. A homeowner with a few DIY skills can install vinyl tiles but often sheet vinyl must be installed by a professional as it can be difficult to handle and cut perfectly. Although the installation is an issue it must be said that sheet is usually more durable and not all tiles have the same characteristics when it comes to installation.

When it comes to installation some vinyl tiles require the use of an adhesive which is put on the floor first. Once the tiles are down and the adhesive is set, removing the tiles becomes very difficult. This type of installation expectation would not be the best if the tiles are meant to be removed in a year or two. Other types of vinyl tiles have a peel off backing which is superior as long as the tile is laid on a smooth, clean surface.
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