Obtaining Rodent Removal Services in Minneapolis Before Leaving the House Unoccupied

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Pest Control


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Some people think mice are cute, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants wild mice in the house. Those rodents leave trails of droppings as they scuttle along floors, and they may start gnawing on wood surfaces if they have access to a home for any length of time. Before locking up the house and going out of town for a month or two, it’s a smart idea to call one of the Rodent Removal Services in Minneapolis if there has been any problem with mice in the past. An empty house is an invitation to mice if they can find their way in through a tiny flaw in the exterior.

Rodent Removal Services in Minneapolis thoroughly inspect the outside of the building and seal up any holes and cracks they find. Other issues also are addressed, such a dryer vent that mice can crawl into. The vent can be screened as long as people using the dryer remove lint regularly.

Bags and plastic containers of bird seed anywhere on the property should be put in a secure place that mice can’t get into, as they can easily chew through the burlap and hard plastic. Seeds and grain are big attractants to rodents. In addition, before leaving, the residents need to clean up any food particles on counters and store all bagged and boxed food securely in cabinets. Getting leaky faucets fixed and closing lids on the toilets also are important. If a mouse does manage to get inside, it wants food and water. The house will not be like inviting a habitat without those substances available. After sealing up the exterior, it’s unlikely that rodents can enter, but certain areas have abundant numbers of mice, and those critters can be incredibly persistent.

A service such as Be There Pest Control can also set up effective traps that will catch mice if any does get in. They generally don’t want to set up poison bait traps unless the rodents are secured inside the trap. Otherwise, they may crawl into walls or under floors, leading to an unpleasant odor after they expire.

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