Modern Looks For Gilbert Homes With Hardwood Flooring

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Flooring


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Many people see hardwood floors as an option for a traditional home. While hardwood flooring is a classic choice, it is not just for the traditional, rustic, farmhouse or even French Provincial decorating themes and styles.

In Gilbert, many homeowners with very modern home designs and styles are also turning to hardwood flooring. By choosing the right colors and options, this is a perfect addition to a very modern, contemporary or even a transitional home style.

Wide Plank

Wide planks that are more akin to barn board width are very popular with modern looks throughout the home. Wide planks are typically at least five inches in width, but there are also wider options to consider. They can have solid color throughout the width of the plank, or they may have a more distressed look with various tones and shades from almost a black through to a tan.

Wide plank is particularly effective where large areas of the flooring are visible, as in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, entertainment rooms, and hallways. This is very popular option for those shopping for their flooring at Home Solutionz.

Gray and White Hardwood

Gray and white or whitewashed looking hardwood flooring are a very trendy yet also a traditional type of flooring option. With this color, smaller or wider planks can be effective in both small and large spaces.

Light colors of hardwood tend to show even slight amounts of wear than darker colors, and they are often selected for kitchens and other heavy traffic areas.

Natural Wood Highlighted

The Stain is commonly used to create a uniform color or to bring out the grains in hardwood on floors and cabinets. However, there is also a trend towards leaving the wood natural in color and embracing the slight variations between boards as part of the beauty of the flooring.

In these types of applications for Gilbert homes, the coating applied to the flooring is typically a clear polyurethane to provide a sealant and protective coating.

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