Reasons Why Remodeling Is Better Than Buying A New House In Encino, CA

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Home Improvement


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A long-serving home harbors a lot of memories, too precious to leave behind. Unfortunately, housing structures are bound to wear and tear over time. Its aesthetic touch will fade over time. Then the dilemma on whether to buy a new house or renovate will come upon you. So, what do you do? The following are reasons why renovating your old house would be better than the hassle of purchasing a new house.

  1. You are emotionally attached

You are going to find it hard selling a house that literally defines you and your family’s life. The memories are too good to just ditch for a new house. Instead, fix the rooms and structures that look a bit worn out and preserve the parts that remind you of the good times.

  1. It makes more economic sense

Home Remodeling Services in Encino CA aren’t cheap, of course, but when compared to purchasing a new home, it becomes logical. Moreover, you get to tailor your renovations according to your wishes, something that’s hard to find when buying a new home.

  1. Increases property value

Renovations are thought to increase the value of a property. This should be a win-win situation if your updates are well-thought out and designed to match the status of modern homes. The value of a new home continues to depreciate unless you make fresh renovations once in a while.

  1. Save on moving and resettling costs and stress

Moving and resettling are both stressful and expensive. How so? Searching for a real estate agent, putting your house on the market, paying closing costs, funding a move, and looking for a new house are all part of the stress in moving and resettling. Renovations only require Home Remodeling Services in Encino CA to make your dream a reality. You don’t have to move if you have the option of remodeling your home.

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