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4 Tips to Recognize When the Roof Is Rotted and Requires Replacement

The roof is the most important part of a house. It protects against the weather and insulates the house. A rotting roof impedes the structural integrity of the structure. It affects the health of the family in the house and looks bad to passersby. Roofing in St. Augustine professionals offer these four tips for recognizing when a roof is rotted and requires replacement.

Wet Leaves and Moss

Stand in the yard with a pair of binoculars and examine your roof. Wet leaves, moss and algae damage roofs, because they retain water. Water is the arch enemy of roofs. The water will get beneath the shingles and flashing causing water damage to the roof deck. Mold is a consideration, too. Call a roofer immediately.

Water Damage to Ceilings

Water that has come through the roof has infiltrated the attic and made water spots on ceilings. Not only rotted roof and attic materials are involved. Now you have to worry about mold and mildew affecting the health of the family.

Bowed Roof Deck or Attic

Stand in the yard again with the binoculars aimed at the roof. If the roof looks bowed or sunken, then the structural integrity of the roof is compromised. The weight of the roof is sinking into the attic, causing more damage than just water. Call a roofing in St. Augustine professional immediately.

Shingles Missing or Warped Flashing

Even those who know nothing about roofs can see when shingles are missing, or the flashing is torn. Flashing is the material covering joints on the roof such as against the chimney or another portion of the house like gables. Water enters the roof deck and then downward into the attic almost unimpeded. This is one of the first signs the roof is rotting or rotted and requires replacement. Call your roofing professional before more damage is done.

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