Schedule a Canada Geese Removal in Columbus Ohio for Safety and Health Reasons

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Animal Removal


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When it comes to birds that are a nuisance, Canada Geese are ranked near the top of the list. Only pigeons and starlings evoke the same level of dislike among home and business owners. These messy, aggressive birds can wreak havoc on a property and cause health issues for family members and pets. Although many residents try to rid their property of these bothersome birds, most efforts are not successful. A professional Geese Removal in Columbus OH offers the latest techniques to eliminate these pesky birds permanently from residential yards, park areas and business properties.

Once a rare occurrence in Ohio, the Canada Geese population is now thriving throughout the state. The Columbus region has experienced their share of fowl problems in recent years, including having to remove an abundance of geese that were causing damage along the banks of the Olentangy River. Left unchecked, Canada Geese have been known to harm lawns, park areas, golf courses and farmlands. Any property that contains a lake or pond nearby is a welcome haven for geese.

Types of Damage Caused by Geese

Geese are well known for the mounds of disgusting waste they leave behind. Having to clean up after these birds on a regular basis is an annoying, time-consuming chore. Besides being an unsightly mess on lawns, geese waste is also responsible for boosting algae blooms in ponds. When algae blooms thrive, it leads to a reduction of oxygen in the water, which is harmful to fish.

Accidental human or pet contact with the parasites and bacteria present in geese waste can lead to a host of uncomfortable illness symptoms. Coliform, giardia and cryptosporidium are three common parasites responsible for stomach and bowel distress.

Due to their protective nature, Canada Geese can become extremely aggressive when guarding their young. While some birds may only hiss in an attempt to intimidate, many have been known to attack humans with their beaks or wings. In addition to having strong material instincts, geese are very territorial too. A company specializing in Geese Removal in Columbus OH can help reclaim a property, allowing residential and business owners to enjoy a clean, quiet outdoor environment.

To Get more information on the techniques used to remove geese in the Columbus Metro Area, including canine discouragement, pyrotechnics and audio deterrents, contact The Wildlife Control Company today.

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