Use A Professional For Raccoon Removal In Dublin, OH

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Animal Removal


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The loss of forest land is a negative effect of urban sprawl. The forest was home to many wild animals who don’t have anywhere to hide. As a result, they are now urban animals rather than forest animals. For instance, experts say raccoons are five times more likely to live in the suburbs than in the forest. Unfortunately, raccoons can be dangerous for humans and domestic animals.

Raccoons Carry Diseases and Parasites

Anyone with a wild animal problem should call for Raccoon Removal in Dublin OH. Indeed, wild animals can be less than desirable neighbours. For instance, it’s normal for raccoons to approach domestic animals. This is dangerous because raccoons carry rabies and they can spread the disease to your pet.

Most raccoons carry the parasite roundworm which can be transmitted to humans. Roundworm is transmitted when humans touch anything contaminated by the animal. Young children are particularly vulnerable to roundworm which causes loss of muscle control, coma and death. Further, raccoons carry other bacteria like salmonella and E. coli.

Protect Your Home

How do the critters get in? Raccoons attack roofs to make a hole to crawl through. Indeed, they are able to gnaw through shingles to get in. Once they’re in, the critters cause thousands of dollars in damage. Droppings and urine are contaminated and ruin sheet-rock and insulation. Additionally, the animals gnaw on wires and cause serious electrical problems.

Experts advise tightly sealing garbage cans and thoroughly cleaning barbecue grills. Eliminate food sources that make your home attractive. Likewise, the chimney should be sealed as this is an easy way for critters to enter the home. In addition, check the attic walls and cracks should be sealed.

Get Professional Help

There are several products available that promise to scare raccoons away. Most of these products use loud sounds and lights which animals quickly adapt to. Additionally, some homeowners try natural repellents like placing cayenne pepper in certain areas. The best thing to do is call a professional for raccoon removal in Dublin OH. They are skilled in setting traps to catch animals humanely. Homeowners should never try this because they could end up hurting a domestic animal. For more information, check out website.

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