Signs it is Time for Commercial Roofing in Hilliard Ohio Repair

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Roofing


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There are many situations where a business owner doesn’t even have to climb on top of the building’s roof to determine there is a leak problem. There are several signs that may indicate it is time to call for Commercial Roofing in Hilliard Ohio. Getting to know what these signs are is the best way to keep any commercial roof, regardless of material, in good, protective condition.

Moisture Infiltration

If a person has noticed moisture, they may notice signs such as water stains on the ceiling, high indoor humidity or insect problems. These are usually the result of a roof that is leaking and will require immediate repairs. It may be beneficial to have an infrared moisture survey of the roof done to determine the source of the leak and any potential issues that may occur.

Sagging or Low Spots

In some cases, a building owner may notice the surface of the roof sagging or low spots. These are problems that may occur because of ponding, which can damage the roof insulation. There may be other roof issues present, too. Regardless of the reason, having a thermography inspection can be used to identify what the problem may be, and even located the source of the issue.

Increased Energy Costs

In some cases, building owners will not even realize they need a roof inspection for their commercial property until they receive an energy bill that is much higher than normal. While higher energy costs are expected during the warmer summer months, they should not be excessive. If a building owner receives a bill that is somewhat of a shock, they should call for repairs from a professional Commercial Roofing in Hilliard Ohio company. They will be able to find the source of the issue and determine what needs to be done to fix it.

When it comes to the roof on a commercial business, the building owner doesn’t need to take chances. The longer they wait to call for repairs, the worse the damage is going to become.

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