Things to Consider When Purchasing Roller Shades For Doors in Bradenton, FL

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Interior Designers


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Doors with glass windows, such as French or sliding doors, can sometimes let in more light than you’d like and limit your privacy. One potential solution for these problems is purchasing Roller Shades For Doors in Bradenton FL. Because the windows on these doors are slightly different than the typical window, you need to keep a few things in mind when purchasing these shades.

Avoid Blocking the Door Handles

One potential problem when purchasing Roller Shades For Doors in Bradentown FL is that, if you purchase the wrong type or size of shade, it might interfere with the operation of the door handle when the shade is down. This could get annoying and cause you to avoid using the shades or even the door itself if it’s not the main door. Slim shades, cellular shades, 1″ blinds, and Roman shades typically work well with doors, as long as you opt for shallow blinds with a one-inch clearance.

Choose an Outside Mount

Because the windows on doors aren’t very deep, you’ll need to choose blinds that are available with an outside mount rather than an inside mount.

Consider Purchasing Hold Down Brackets

When roller shades are lowered on your French doors, they may tend to swing whenever you open and close the door. This can be annoying and make damage to the blinds or door more likely. However, there’s an easy fix for this. Simply look for hold-down brackets that will keep the bottom of the shade from swinging away from the door when you open and close it.

Sliding Door Considerations

If you’re purchasing roller shades or blinds for sliding doors, keep in mind that the best options are those that open in the same direction as the doors themselves and that the blinds should be heavy duty enough to put up with the frequent opening and closing of the doors. Sliding panels, vertical cellular shades, and vertical blinds can all be good choices for these doors. Make sure these blinds coordinate well with any other window treatments in the room.

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