Signs That It’s Time to Schedule Installation of a New Window in Santa Clarita CA

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Home Improvement


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Windows in a home may not be able to talk, but they can still communicate. They can exhibit symptoms that let the owners know it’s time to install a New Window in Santa Clarita, CA. Windows and their frames can last a long time, but eventually something starts to go wrong.

Drafty Windows

In some instances, repair work may resolve the problem. For instance, drafts of hot or cold air coming from a window may just mean that the weatherstripping around the frames should be replaced. In contrast, old wood frames may have deteriorated enough so that they are letting in outside air. And if the window is an old single-pane model, the draft may be coming through the glass. A New Window in Santa Clarita, CA will be more energy efficient and keep the room more comfortable.

Condensation on the Inside

Condensation on the interior or between panes typically is a signal that a new window should be installed by a company such as Palmdale Glass & Mirror. An old single-pane window is so low in energy efficiency that heating and cooling bills are negatively affected. Also, chronic condensation that drips onto interior wood frames can gradually ruin the wood.

Condensation Between Panes

When this condensation is between panes, the homeowner can assume that the seal has failed and the gas has leaked out. Argon is the most common gas used for boosting efficiency between double-pane windows. The seals do not last forever, unfortunately. Double panes still have reasonable efficiency even without the gas, but the chronic condensation usually is annoying to the household residents.


Maybe there’s a window that just doesn’t look right in the house. The original one might have sustained some damage and the previous homeowner had it replaced with a cheap model that is at odds with the overall aesthetic appeal of the home. This isn’t such a problem in a room that’s seldom used or when the issue isn’t very noticeable from outside. However, if the sight of that window keeps nagging at the current residents, replacing it may be advisable. Visit the website for information on this particular company.

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