What Is Involved In Radon Mitigation in Chicago and How Does It Work?

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Cleaning Service


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Radon mitigation is a process that works by venting dangerous gas into the atmosphere. It is considered a viable option to other methods such as sealing cracks in floors and walls, using an activated charcoal system, or a soil suction method.

Radon mitigation in Chicago can be accomplished through either depressurization or pressurization of the affected area. In depressurization, there will be a reduction of both internal and external air pressure, which allows for the permeation of radon from soil into your home. In pressurization, the indoor air pressure inside the house will be increased to reduce seepage from the soil into your home.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, pressurization is more advantageous since it channels gas directly back outside. It also produces positive airflow, which will draw in fresh air from outdoors. On the other hand, depressurization can cause some problems since there are chances of outdoor air leaking into your house.

Radon mitigation can be classified as either active or passive. Active mitigation is more common, and it involves introducing a fan that will draw in the radon from the soil underneath your house to air vents located on your rooftop. On the other hand, passive mitigation does not involve any mechanical devices and works by simply depressurizing your home.

For homes that have been built from 1990 onwards, they must have a radon mitigation system installed upon completion since they are required by law to have their houses tested annually for radon gas contamination. A passive mitigation system might be the best option in some cases where you cannot afford expensive renovations such as cutting out foundations, installing sump pumps, and excavating soil around your basement floor.

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