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Why Professional Instead of Do-It-Yourself Tree Service in Anaheim Is Advisable

Hiring a Tree Service in Anaheim for trimming and pruning is important because so many people without training or extensive experience do this work incorrectly. That can cause aesthetic issues as the tree starts to grow back and can even harm the tree.

Cutting Large Branches

An example of an incorrect trimming technique is to cut a large branch close to the trunk. In contrast, technicians with a professional Tree Service in Anaheim make numerous cuts toward the end of the branch first, eliminating the weight little by little. Another strategy is to make notches in specific places before cutting close to the trunk. That also reduces the weight and prevents splitting.

Otherwise, the branch may snap off during the cut made close to the trunk. This leaves an unusually large wound in the tree that requires a long time to heal. In the meantime, the tree becomes vulnerable to insect invasion and diseases. Even after healing, the irregular area where the branch broke off will always be evident.


Technicians from an organization such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc also know the best times of year to cut branches from various species of trees. Some varieties handle pruning well at any time, but others should be cut in the winter when they are dormant. Major pruning for nearly any species should only be done in the middle of winter for the least risk of harm to the tree.

Developing a Plan

When the workers first arrive, the property owner will want to go around the lot with them and listen to their recommendations. The property owner also may have some concerns about branches that look weak or a tree that seems to be growing lopsided. Technicians can explain why sometimes it’s better to leave these plants alone. Together, the customer and the contractor work out a plan.

Concluding Thoughts

Trimming and pruning keep the landscaping looking attractive and is also beneficial for the trees’ health. Dead and damaged branches should be cut away, and tree service technicians can do selective pruning that brings more light and ventilation to the canopy. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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