4 Appliance Maintenance Tips to Put to Good Use

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Appliances


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There are plenty of ways to make your appliances last longer. Save up on repair costs when you start putting the following tips to good use.

Replace those hoses

Hoses are one of the weak spots in a washing machine. It’s going to get brittle over the years. The hoses, too, are typically subject to shockwaves created by the water when in use. This weakens the hoses even further. If you want your washing machine to run hitch-free, then upgrade to rubber hoses.

Replace the air filter

A clogged air filter will inhibit unit efficiency, resulting in poor air flow as well as less-than-stellar heating and cooling performance. Replacing that filter can keep your AC system working in good condition. However, if the problem appears to be much more serious than a clogged filter, then call for a repair technician from a trusted Marrero appliance repair service firm to assess the problem.

Don’t slam the doors

A lot of homeowners are guilty of this practice. Your appliances may be sturdy, but if you’re in the habit of slamming the washer or dryer doors as well as your fridge or oven doors, then that’s going to take a toll on the units, the Family Handyman says. Use care and caution with your appliances. Close them gently. That should be easy enough to remember.

Prevent shorting

A lot of us are also guilty of spraying switches with spray cleaners. But that’s not the best way to clean the dirt and dust out of those knobs. Water could easily work its way into the back of the control panels and result in shorting. That little problem could cost you as much as $125 or more to fix. A shorted control panel will cost as much as $300. Prevent shorting by cleaning the knobs with a slightly wet sponge or rag instead.

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