4 Signs That It Is Time To Call Roof Contractors In Norman

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Roofing


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It is very important that the roof on a person’s home is stable and secure. It takes just a small problem for the roof to leak. These leaks can cause structural damage to the home, mold growth, and the homeowner’s personal belongings inside can be damaged. All of these things can be very costly. It is best if a homeowner can recognize that there is a problem with their roof quickly, before any costly damage occurs.

Missing Shingles

The most common sign that there is a problem with the roof is when the shingles are falling off. This can happen if the roof is old or during severe weather. It is very easy to tell if there are shingles falling off the roof, as the homeowner will see them in the yard or the driveway. Even if they see one shingle on the ground, the homeowner should contact roof contractors in Norman.

Decaying Shingles

When the shingles on a roof are decaying, it can be difficult to tell. In some cases, the decaying shingles will fall off. In other cases, they won’t. They will become warped and water will get trapped underneath. This can promote mold growth. The sooner a homeowner contacts Roof Contractors in Norman, the safer their roof will be.

Missing Granules

Shingles have a rough coating called granules. These granules protect the shingle from the hot sun, which can cause it to crack. When the granules start coming off the shingles and they crack, it can create an entry point for water into the home. It is easy to tell if there are missing granules on the roof. The homeowner will often notice black debris in their downspouts and gutters. If the shingles are missing granules, they would need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Damaged Flashing

Shingles cannot stretch between the joints on a roof, therefore, flashing is needed. It is made of a very thin metal, and is usually located where the chimney meets the roof. If the flashing is damaged, it can create an entry point for water in that area. The sooner the flashing is repaired, the less chance there is of a serious leak in the home.

If a homeowner believes that their roof is damaged, they should contact a roofer to Get more information.

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