The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Roof Installers in Topeka KS

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Roofing


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It is inevitable that a commercial facility will require roof repair or a complete re-roofing at some point during its life span. Neither of these processes are easy tasks and unless a staff member has prior roofing experience, the building owner should call professional Commercial Roof Installers in Topeka KS to tackle the job. Not only will these contractors know exactly how to locate a problem, repair a leak, or install a new roof, they also have all of the proper tools and materials readily available to complete the job in a timely manner.

Commercial roofing jobs follow a slightly different process than those of a residential estate. Sure, there are businesses that have pitched roofs covered in asphalt shingles, but it is much more common to find flat roofs that utilize tar and rock. Companies like Alpha Roofing will send out a team that removes all of the layers necessary to get to the roof decking rather than just cover over the existing roof. These contractors want to find all problematic areas and properly repair them before adding the new materials. They understand that new roofing is quite the investment and want their customers to get the most for their money. If a business owner has a damaged roof or realizes that it is time to for an update, the company recommends that they “contact us” to receive a free consultation.

One thing business owners dislike about a re-roofing job is the large, unsightly roll-off dumpsters that many roofing companies place in a rather conspicuous area. This dumpster ends up either obscuring valuable parking spots or becoming an obstacle that customers and employees must avoid for days or weeks at a time. Commercial Roof Installers in Topeka KS, like Alpha Roofers, understand the inconvenience and possible damage these containers can create which is why they haul all debris away in their own trailers. The trailers are only in place during the hours the crew is working and can be easily moved.These contractors also realize how easily debris can build up in gutters or fall into the surrounding landscaping. When the job is complete, the re-roofing team will thoroughly check the gutters and surrounding grounds to locate any stray debris. They will also sweep all the walks and run powerful magnets over the grass to ensure that no metallic pieces are hiding in the grass blades, just waiting to damage a mower.

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