Buying Resale Homes vs. Building New Homes

by | May 3, 2017 | Home Builders


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Most people have a list of goals that they want to accomplish in their lifetime. One common goal for most people is homeownership. When an individual is financially ready to buy a home, they have two options. They can buy a resale home, or they can have a new home built. Of the two options, New Homes have the most benefits.

A Customized Home

Most people who are ready to buy a house have an idea of what they are looking for. The individual will want a certain number of bedrooms, a certain number of bathrooms, and a particular idea of the layout in mind. If they are going to be buying a resale home, it can take a while before they find a resale home that has everything they want. When the individual has a new home built, they will have complete control over every aspect of the house.

Turnkey Home

A turnkey home is a home that requires no work, allowing the new owner to move right in. There are not too many resale homes that are turnkey homes. In many cases, work would need to be done on a resale home, even if it is just a few minor updates. When a person has their home built, they can move right in as soon as the home is finished.

No Problems

When a person buys a resale home, they are also buying the former owner’s problems. In many cases, the problems won’t arise for a few months to a year after the home is purchased. However, when the problems do arise, they can be expensive to fix. When a person has a new home built, everything will be brand new, and the chances of a problem occurring early on are very unlikely.

Energy Efficient

New homes are much more energy efficient than resale homes. The more energy efficient the home is, the more money the homeowner will save on their energy bills. Since buying a new home can be expensive, most homeowners need to save as much money as possible.

When a person is ready to buy a home, they are encouraged to & look into New Homes. For more information on building a new home, contact Lancia Homes.

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