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Centennial CO Lawn Spraying Service: Environmentally Friendly

Many people think that spraying their lawns is unhealthy for humans and pets, and environmentally unfriendly. Actually, when done properly, there is no danger to anyone when lawns are sprayed. The sprays are used to keep lawns looking green and healthy, and all of the materials used are tested, regulated, and certified by government agencies, both state and federal. The guidelines are extremely strict, and no products that can cause cancer in humans or animals may be used. While there are those who don’t believe that there are any types of sprays that aren’t cancer-causing, there are actually pesticides and other chemicals that are non-carcinogenic, and they don’t pollute the environment.

At one time, it was necessary to post signs when lawns were sprayed. In fact, it was required by law when spraying first started in the 1970’s. Today, when using a Centennial CO lawn spraying service, this is not really necessary, and most signs used are simply advertisements that have warnings attached. These are generally roadside signs. Home owners are no longer legally required to post signs that their lawns have been sprayed, but many do it anyway, often simply so that people won’t walk on their lawns.

Many people worry about the safety of their pets and other animals that may be in their yards, including birds and other wildlife. This is an unnecessary worry, as there is no danger whatsoever to animals when lawn sprays are used, even sprays that are meant to be used as pesticides. In order for any animal to get sick from the chemicals, the animal would have to be incredibly tiny, and would have to lick the entire yard. The chemicals used are only poisonous to insects, and will not harm pets or humans in any way whatsoever.

Home owners want to enjoy their outdoor spaces, and they don’t necessarily want to share their space with creepy crawlies. Often, the only way to get rid of insects is to use a Centennial CO lawn spraying service, which uses the latest equipment and the safest chemical products. For more information about the process and the products used, contact Ironwood Earthcare.

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