Enjoying Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley, CA

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Home Improvement


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Adding Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA, to a countertop will give the appearance of an expensive wood structure without having to pay the price to enjoy it. A wood veneer topping needs to be treated in the same manner as a piece of wood furniture so it does not become ruined. Here are some steps to take to keep wood veneers in great shape.

It is important to avoid placing hot items on top of a wood veneer surface. They can cause damage to the veneers. Instead, use potholders or a small towel to hold these items. Placing glasses of liquid on the surface can cause unsightly water marks. Always use coasters so condensation does not end up on the wood. Never push an item across the surface of a wood veneer as it can cause scratching.

Cleaning Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA, will keep them looking nice. Use a piece of microfiber cloth to polish the surface and to remove any surface dust. If there is a harder-to-remove substance on the wood veneer, moisten a piece of microfiber cloth to remove it. Immediately cleaning the surface, dry it completely with another piece of cloth. Moisture will alter the appearance of wood, making it necessary to limit exposure. Use lemon oil on the surface every month or so to keep it looking shiny and polished.

If the wood veneer separates from the rest of the countertop, it will need to be glued back into place. Simply apply a heavy-duty glue to the underside of the veneer and push into place. Use a clamp to keep it from separating again. Add a heavy objects on the top of the surface to help push the glue into the substrate material below. After a few hours, remove the weights and any clamps used.

If someone wishes to learn more about caring for Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA, or if they want to have them placed on existing countertops, they can call a reputable service for help. Visit Hartersurfaces.com to find out more about this exciting countertop surface and make an appointment with a representative if desired.

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