Four Ideas for Creating a Classic Look Around Wrought Iron Doors

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Doors and Windows


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Looking for an iron entry door? If you’re shopping for your house, you’re likely trying to imagine how everything will turn out. The following discusses some ideas for creating a timeless home entryway.

Clay Brick

Kiln-fired bricks are a classic material choice. Each individual piece contributes to a charm that’s hard to duplicate by other means. The rough texture of clay brick matches nicely with the smooth appearance of iron entry doors.

One idea for taking a brick to a new level is allowing a vine to crawl its surface. Consider planting a shade-tolerant vine to scurry up an accent wall. As it grows, you can trim or re-route the plant to create a modified design every few weeks. A blooming vine adds a wonderful, welcoming fragrance to those coming or going from your home.

Natural Wood

Whether it’s mere trim or you’re living in a log cabin, natural wood radiates a sort of visual warmth. Staining and polishing allow you to add gloss, smoothen the texture or protect the material from environmental wear. Iron glass entry doors come together nicely around knotty pine or classic fir.

Wooden barrels or shoe benches can be carefully selected to bring harmony to your home’s entry way. On a deck with ample space, a card table or some rocking chairs may be all you need to bring life to the space. If you live in an area with distinct seasons, your porch will take on a fresh look every few months.

Slate and Stone

The walkway leading up to your house makes a great impact on the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. If constructing a sidewalk or path is on your list, you’ll want to think about both the materials you’ll install and the use case. What is the most convenient route – is it straight, or a bit windy? What materials are available locally and work best with the climate? Flagstones and gravel are an elegant option for paths, and slate is a popular choice for steps and landing pads.

The Right Accents

In certain settings, a finishing touch makes a world of difference around iron entry doors. Custom house numbers, the perfect mailbox, the right lantern or even an out-of-the-ordinary welcome mat may be all you need to add a splash of color to the ensemble.

Home projects can be fun when you think through your options to produce a beautiful outcome. Keeping the above tips in mind, it’s possible to create an “old” look even with new building materials.

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