Get a Quality Roofing Solution From a Superior Roofing Company in Dublin Ohio

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Roofing


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Repairing the roof can be a huge task and the property owner has several decisions they will need to make. For instance, should the roof just be patched or should the entire covering be replaced? Answering these questions will require some information and the help of an expert Roofing Company in Dublin Ohio. For instance, replacing the roof can be a huge job so an experienced roofer should thoroughly examine the structure for signs of damage. The homeowner should have the contractor point out each of the problems to them and explain each issue thoroughly.

If the damage requires a replacement, then the property owner has several choices. The most common roofing solution is asphalt shingles, but the decision isn’t quite that simple. Asphalt comes in various grades and the quality of the product will affect the way it functions. The best of the three-tab shingles is the class 4 products, which are designed to withstand most hail damage. Of course, the cost of these materials increase as their durability goes up. Alternately, the use of an architectural product such as laminated shingles may be the best solution because they are very durable. Laminated shingles are made with additional layers on the back of the product, which makes them more reliable.

Other options provided by a Roofing Company in Dublin Ohio include fiberglass shingles, steel roofing and fiber-cement tiles. Fiberglass roofing is a recent addition to the mix and this product offers an excellent, long-term solution to roofing problems. Surprisingly, the shingles look a lot like the asphalt ones because they use resins blended with asphalt to coat the fiberglass. This results in a strong product that is very weather resistant.

Steel is another excellent choice for roof replacement and it has an added benefit in many cases. Steel can often be installed over an existing roof. This is possible because most steel roofing is light enough that the additional weight is not a problem. This method of installation reduces the cost of the repair. Fiber-cement tiles may be a great way to go if the property owner prefers the appearance tiles. Tiles provide a uniform appearance and fiber-cement versions offer a long warranty.

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