What Happens During Mold Mitigation Services In Ashburn, VA?

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Pest Control


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In Virginia, property owners must schedule mitigation services quickly after a water leak or natural disaster. The conditions left behind after these events could lead to serious mold developments. These conditions are life-threatening for homeowners and their families. The following are details about what happens during Mold Mitigation Services in Ashburn VA.

Start with Testing

The technicians will start their investigation by testing all the different forms of mold found inside and around the property. By identifying the type of mold, they have a better chance of treating it correctly. This information provides them with a more proactive plan for removing the substance from the property entirely. It also determines the risk level presented to the homeowner and the technicians by the mold developments.

The Removal Process

Next, the technicians remove any items inside the property that contain mold. The most common items that are affected by mold developments are furnishings, carpeting, and sheetrock. The technicians remove these items after they are packaged carefully according to EPA regulations. Each package is labeled according to the type of mold it contains and its risk level.

Further Property Inspections

Further property inspections are conducted through Mold Mitigation Services in Ashburn VA. These inspections address mold developments that have traveled beyond the affected space. The technicians will trace the mold developments to determine if they have spread to the interior of walls, the attic, or the basement. If these areas are affected, it could present a compromise of the integrity of the entire structure.

Sanitizing the Home

The sanitization process is conducted according to the type of mold present inside the property. The technicians are familiar with what chemicals are needed to kill off mold developments. They complete these processes thoroughly to prevent further developments from forming.

In Virginia, property owners schedule mitigation services to prevent major health hazards. These services address a variety of mold and mildew found inside the property. They reduce the potential for respiratory illnesses as well as serious property damage. Property owners who need Mold Mitigation Services can visit Pest Management Services in Ashburn VA to schedule an appointment or to acquire further details.

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