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When someone has a home that has a basement with high humidity, it is likely they will want to take the necessary steps in removing moisture so, damage is not sustained in the area. There are several different tasks that can be taken to accomplish this feat. Here are some ideas to consider.

Hire A Contractor To Do An Evaluation

One of the best ways to remove a moisture problem from within the home is to hire a waterproofing contractor in Fairfax to do an assessment of the entire structure. They will take the time to check the foundation and the interior air quality and will make recommendations on appropriate ways to dry the area. They will also aid in doing repair work or installing equipment to help reduce humidity levels if necessary.

Keep Track Of Humidity Levels Regularly

It is a good idea to keep on top of the humidity level in the basement to determine if actions taken in reducing moisture are working adequately. Testing kits can be acquired to measure liquid content in the area. If levels remain high, adding dissidents or dehumidifying units can help to reduce moisture effectively.

Consider Adding A Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier can be added to walls in the basement to help in keeping moisture on the exterior of the home. These plastic sheets can be hung by a professional underneath drywall. They are also effective in keeping pests from getting inside of the home. The drywall will need to be removed from walls and replaced with new sheets when using this method.

Use Sealant To Fill In Cracks In The Foundation

If the foundation of the home has shifted, cracks may be present in the concrete slab. It is important to fill these in so moisture does not make its way inside of the home. A waterproofing contractor will be able to tend to this problem properly.

When there is a need to hire a waterproofing contractor in Fairfax, finding one with experience is best. Consider calling us to find out more about options available today.

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