Why You Need Sound Proof Windows

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Window Installation Service


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While there are many ways to sound proof your windows, such as using thick curtains or placing furniture against the walls, there are many other reasons to consider a new window system. For one thing, you can’t ignore the sounds from outside, such as neighbours yelling and playing, traffic, and more. You may also find that when things are quieter inside, you can be more productive and get those chores done faster so that you have more time for relaxation.

Plus, you’ll be able to hear the television, play games, and unwind after a stressful day. Over time, you can also save money because the system is more energy-efficient, and your ears will thank you for the lessened volume from the speakers.

Once you’ve decided that you need sound proof windows, you’ve got some factors to consider. You can choose to change the home décor and use thicker curtains or blinds, but they won’t allow the sunshine into the home. You may want to upgrade the window system itself and choose double glazing as well as uPVC. When both options come together, you get the most durable product possible and all the noise reduction you could hope to get. Double glazing uses two panes of glass with some space between. In most cases, gasses are used to fill that space, which creates a vacuum seal. uPVC is very strong and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, which means you get noise reduction, more energy efficiency, and strength.

At Weatherall Windows, their ultimate goal is for you to be happy. They focus on your needs and can offer advice and tips for budget-friendly options. They only use Australian-made products that are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures sometimes found in the region. Installing sound proof windows for your home can keep out unwanted noise, give you peace of mind, and maintain the peace.

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