Preventing Major Infestations with Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA

by | May 21, 2018 | Pest Control


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When ants find their way into a home for food, they will not leave on their own. The most common reason for entering a residence is that the queen set up her colony close to the home. After that, the worker ants go to seek food at the nearby home. Once an ant problem is discovered, it should be addressed right away because it could get worse.

What Does it Take to Get Rid of Ants

Ant control is not always a quick and easy thing to do. A homeowner’s property just may be a haven for ants, meaning the ants may return. Knowing the species of ant being dealt with makes it easier to find the right solution. Identifying the species can reveal where the nest is, what kinds of food they like most and what extermination technique will work best.

With ants, knowing what to do to prevent them is the best approach for keeping them away. A continuing professional service plan with Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA will manage the problem most efficiently. The pest control service provider will implement a customized solution to get rid of existing ants. Then they’ll let customers know what can be done to keep them out.

Can Ants be Starved Out

Even the smallest traces of food left somewhere can attract many ants. Food storage and thoroughly wiping down surfaces and floors is critical. Ants are small and can climb to high places, so a bag rolled up with food in it probably won’t make a big difference. Airtight containers will do the trick. The containers need lids that lock tight. When ants have no access to food, they’ll stop coming in large numbers.

Ants can be starved out partially, but that should be secondary. A primary extermination method is needed. Over-the-counter ant extermination is very effective at killing ants on contact. This makes more time to prepare for a professional extermination before the ones seen have a chance to get to food.

These problems are most effectively resolved by Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA. Nevertheless, there is no tried and true way that guarantees they’ll never come back. Ongoing professional ant management services ensures there will be no big infestations though. Browse the site to learn more and get started with pest extermination services.

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