Protect Your Home With Durable Cement Board Siding in McFarland, WI

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Roofing Contractor


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Cement board siding in McFarland, WI is a low-maintenance option for your home or business. This type of siding is made with wood pulp and cement and can be molded into different styles. There are many texture options to choose from. Cement board siding can look like wood shingles, wood plank, brick, stone, curved or straight shake, lap, or geometric siding. This type of siding is typically expected to last 30 years or longer. It is resistant to extreme cold weather, storms, salt, and more. It is a low-stress option because it doesn’t warp or bend. It also doesn’t rot and is extremely pest-resistant. Your cement board siding requires little to no maintenance other than regular washing. You don’t need to use chemicals or a power washer on this type of siding. It doesn’t need washing very often. Most people simply use a garden hose with a large sponge. This type of siding doesn’t have overlapping seams. It is resistant to mildew and mold.

This siding comes with a baked-on pant primer that resists UV damage. It helps your exterior paint last significantly longer. The paint is also highly unlikely to chip or peel over the years. The color is even and typically more vibrant with baked-on primer.

Cement board siding in McFarland, WI is extremely fire-resistant and adds excellent value to homes. It is non-combustible and often helps homeowners qualify for insurance discounts. This type of siding can be finished with a grainy texture or a smooth finish. It is a great option for modern and traditional homes.

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