New Pool Installations in Long Island NY: Choosing the Right Material

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Swimming Pools


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Pools are wonderful options for cooling off on hot days or unwinding after a long work week. Though taking a dip in a public pool is fine, community alternatives just aren’t quite as satisfying as having one all your own. Plenty of decisions lie ahead if you’re considering new pool installations in Long Island NY, from shape and size to type of water and surrounding landscape features. Of course, one of the most important is the material for the interior of the pool.

Pool Materials and their Advantages

When choosing the best material for your upcoming pool, a number of elements factor into the equation. Will you be using traditional treatment methods or the increasingly popular salt water variation? Are you sticking with a standard shape or would you prefer a more customized look? These and more aspects combine with interior materials to round out the bigger picture.

  • Concrete:
  • Concrete is a favorite among pool owners. Though installation tends to take a bit longer and the upfront cost is somewhat higher, this material lasts longer and requires less maintenance than other options. Concrete pools are also highly versatile with a wide range of colors available. They easily conform to custom setups as well.
  • Vinyl:
  • Like concrete, vinyl works well with custom pool designs. It’s safe and fairly durable for the cost, which is a great deal lower during the installation phase than certain other choices. Having said that, vinyl does need to be replaced periodically and gradually fades with prolonged exposure to chemicals and sunlight.
  • Fiberglass:
  • While fiberglass is more costly upfront than vinyl, it needs less maintenance, so long-term expenses are kept at a relative minimum. Still, this material isn’t as versatile in terms of customization. Plenty of colors are available, but styles and depths are limited when you choose this option.

These are the most common choices for New Pool Installations in Long Island NY. Stainless steel versions are also available, but they’re quite a bit more expensive than these materials. Ceramic tiles are likewise an option, but they’re costly to purchase, install and maintain. Schedule an appointment to learn more about the available choices in pool materials and how to choose the best one for your needs.

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