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Three Popular Uses for Folding Doors in Various Areas of Your Home

Have you ever considered getting folding or sliding doors in your home? These doors are useful if you want to create a private, separate space. Check out some of the ways you can use folding doors in your home.

A Finished Basement
Many homeowners use their basement for storage. They have an area where they stack boxes, holiday decorations, books and more. If a family wants to create an appealing finished basement, they probably want to keep stored items hidden from sight. Putting in a folding and sliding door across one area of a finished basement creates a space where stored items can be kept out of sight. So, family members playing pool and watching TV don’t have to look at clutter.

A Garage
Folding and sliding doors are a common sight in many garages. For example, a homeowner who sets up a workshop in his or her garage may put up a folding door in order to have privacy when working on a project. Closing the folding door on the workshop keeps kids and pets out of the area. Other homeowners put up folding doors in the garage to create a private parking area for a vintage car or motorcycle. This practical door keeps a valuable vehicle safely away from family members moving bicycles and other cars.

A Pantry
It’s not uncommon to see a folding and sliding door on a kitchen pantry. Most pantries hold items such as dry goods, cooking utensils, pots, pet food bags and more. Having a folding door on a pantry makes it easy for family members to retrieve these items while keeping them hidden when the pantry is not being accessed.

These are just a few examples of how these doors can be utilized in a home. They are a versatile addition to any household.

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