Tips for Attracting Birds to Your Birdhouse

by | May 16, 2022 | Furniture


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So, you’re thinking about putting up a birdhouse, or you’ve added one already! Whether you intend to use it for birdwatching or just to give our feathered friends a home, adding a bird feeder to your backyard is a great way to increase birdlife in your yard!

However, just adding a birdhouse won’t exactly bring all the birds to the yard. Birds, like humans, care about real estate. Things such as amenities, location, friendly neighbors, and surroundings are essential to birds looking to build a home.


For birds, an important part of their home is building material, drainage, ventilation, and entrances.

Birds require houses made out of materials that they are used to. For example, birds often nest in trees, so it is best to get a birdhouse made of wood. Drainage holes are essential for sanitary purposes, as well as ventilation. You want to make sure you are giving birds a sturdy home to keep them safe and healthy. Want to give your birds an extra boost? Leave some nesting materials for them to use throughout your yard. These materials include grass clippings, leaves, twigs, moss, feathers, and pine needles.

Beaver Dam Woodworks is an excellent recommendation for wooden birdhouses that will be safe and secure for backyard birdies. Beaver Dam caters to small, medium, and large birds and only uses hand-cut wood for their houses to ensure that any bird which moves into the house will be safe, dry, and comfortable. They have a wide selection of birdhouses in various shapes and styles, including copper-top birdhouses and colorful, bird-shaped houses.


Now that you have picked out your perfect birdhouse, you must remember to put it in a spot that will attract birds. Now, location depends on the type of bird you want to attract. If you would love to watch bluebirds in your yard every day, place the house in a vast, open space. On the other hand, Chickadees will nest in darker, more wooded areas.

If you are up for attracting a particular breed, read up on where they like to nest before placing the house. A good rule of thumb for all feathered friends is to put them about 20 feet from bird feeders and baths. Feeders and baths can create a lot of traffic from other animals, and just like humans, birds like to have quiet homes.


No one likes a quarrelsome neighbor- not even birds! As you research into attracting different birds, make sure you look at birds they get along with and don’t get along with. If you want to install more than one birdhouse, double-check that those birds get along!


To really attract birds to your new real estate, add some beneficial elements to their surroundings. Birdbaths are always a good idea, but remember, add them at least 20 feet away. Berry bushes, trees, and flowers will keep birds well fed.

Adding birdhouses to your backyard can be lots of fun. But, make sure you educate yourself first before you become a landlord to our feathery neighbors. To get started on your birdhouse journey, conduct some research and visit Beaver Dam Woodworks to find a birdhouse your backyard friends will turn into a home.

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