Tips for Growing a Mexican Key Lime Tree

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Home and Garden


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Sometimes called the bartender’s lime, the Mexican key lime tree is an evergreen producing fragrant white blooms each spring. It needs warm weather and well drained soil like other citrus trees. A mature tree can be as tall as 12 to 15 feet and up to 8 feet wide. Here are a few tips to ensure trees are healthy and productive.

Watering and Fertilizing the Mexican Key Lime Tree

While the tree is young, it will need to be watered two times a week. But once it matures, once a week will be adequate. When the weather is hot and dry, it will need more frequent watering. They will need three to six inches of water each time, depending on the type of soil they are planted in. Each year, they also need 1 to 1 ½ pounds of nitrogen for fertilizer. This needs to be distributed three times a year. Give it 1/3 in late winter, 1/3 in June and the last third in August.

If you notice the leaves turning blotchy yellow, or yellow with green veins, it’s a sign of a zinc or iron deficiency. This can be remedied by spraying the tree with supplements.

Pruning Citrus Producers

A Mexican key lime tree won’t need a lot of pruning. Usually, you’ll just need to cut away any dead or damaged branches. However, some trimming can help the tree keep its shape. An immature tree should never be pruned. Mature trees need to be maintained or they will grow into a shrub. If this occurs, be sure to remove the branches touching the ground. This prevents an infestation of ants.

If you are interested in raising a Mexican key lime tree, visit the Lemon Citrus Tree website to learn how to purchase one.

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