Vinyl Flooring in Longmont Provides the Look of Hardwood With Easier Maintenance

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Flooring


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One of the more recent trends in residential settings is vinyl plank flooring that looks very much like hardwood. For many years, laminate has been the go-to choice for people who want the look of wood without the risk of damage from moisture, spills and scratches. Vinyl Flooring in Longmont is catching up with laminate as a popular option. Even owners of rental properties are increasingly choosing this type of plank flooring to give their apartments a higher-end appearance.

Advantages of the Landlord

Landlords may struggle with the question of which type of flooring or floor coverings to install since they know the potential problems. Carpeting can become irreversibly stained. Hardwood is unusual in apartments because it requires a certain level of tender loving care. Vinyl Flooring in Longmont that looks like wood creates a more desirable residential setting while also being more forgiving of food and beverage spills.

Advantages for the Tenant

From the tenant’s point of view, this kind of flooring installed by a company such as Aesthetic Flooring also is preferable in contrast to other possibilities. Carpeting tends to hold dust and requires frequent vacuuming, while hard-surface floors can simply be swept as needed. Carpeting and wood are vulnerable to permanent stains. Wood can become discolored even from plain water drops that aren’t wiped up quickly enough. Vinyl is significantly more resistant to water.

Someone who fabric on the floor can add big rugs. In addition, choosing their own rugs means the renters can create their own stylish abode with the colors and patterns they like best. They can give the apartment a country style with round braided rugs or a more elegant appearance with Oriental carpets.

Other Advantages

Property owners have the option of adding a sound barrier between the underlying floor and the vinyl planks for upper stories. That helps prevent annoyance from tenants living in apartments beneath other ones having to listen to heavy footsteps from above.

If planks ever do become damaged, individual planks can easily be replaced for a more affordable price than is true of wood. More details about vinyl plank flooring can be seen at Website. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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