Tips for Painting Your Home in Houston, TX

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Painting


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If you’re looking for information about house painting in Houston TX, you may be thinking about painting the exterior of your home. Giving the exterior of your home a brand new coat of paint can literally change the way your house looks and feels. Your paint color will determine how people feel about coming to your home. It will impact the way you feel when you arrive home after a long day. Check out below for some things that you should think about when painting the exterior of your home.

Consider All Elements

When you paint the exterior of your home, the house doesn’t just exist in a vacuum. It butts up against the driveway, your landscaping and everything else surrounding your home. Keep those elements in mind when choosing a paint color so that you don’t end up with a color that clashes.

Balance Out the Main Color and the Trim

When you’re painting your home, you’re not just painting it one solid color. You’re painting the window trim, shutters and all of the other accents of your home. Pick colors that complement each other or beautifully contrast with each other.

Architectural Style

It’s perfectly fine to choose a paint color that goes with the architectural style of your home. but don’t feel that you’re locked into a specific palette. If you have a very traditional home and have always loved deep inky blacks, don’t be afraid to do something bold with it.

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