How to Customize Your Style and Make Your Shower Doors Better

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Remodeling


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Benefits and Styles of Frameless Shower Doors

Anyone can readily appreciate the benefits of a shower door over a curtain. When it comes to defining your showering experience, there are a few advantages of a frameless door. Among them is the myriad of customizations and styles that are inherent in a frameless shower door Houston TX.

Advantages of a Frameless Shower Door

In comparison to their framed counterparts, frameless shower doors allow for greater customization partly because you have more glass options. Because the frame is absent, you have fewer concerns about corrosion. Finally, you can enjoy a sharp appearance without unsightly metal trappings to clean.

Rectangle and Square

You can customize traditional shapes with a frameless shower door that either slides, hinges, or pivots. You can fit the tempered glass against glass or side panels of other materials. Whether you have a rectangular or square prism or marble enclosure, you will need to customize your door. Despite their similarities in appearance, the dimensions of even square showers can vary drastically.

Neo Angle

A neo-angle frameless door encases a shower stall often marked by two solid panels and three glass sides. The area enclosed resembles a baseball diamond. Hardware bolts the sides and panels together to provide support for the door. Your frameless door will go across from your inner corner, usually at a 135-degree slant.


One of the most common designs, alcove shower enclosures are just like they sound. They are enclosed on three sides by walls and often accompanied by a tub. Measurements for the door that goes across the front are usually very close to 60 inches. Alcove showers are popular because they allow you to maximize your bathroom space.

Round and Tube

Whether enclosing a corner or finishing a tubular shower, a curved or rounded frameless door is a way to enlarge your showering space without intruding too much into your bathroom. Rounded doors also give your shower enclosure a stately decorum.

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