What Are the Three Things to Consider When Designing A Custom Garage

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance


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A garage is not just a place for your car. You can also use it as a backup storage room. If you have a spacious garage, you can put a playhouse inside it as well. Before having a new garage in Highland, here are the things that you should consider first.

Your House and How Old It Is

If you are adding a custom garage next to your home, consider the age of your house. The age of your house doesn’t refer to the years it’s been standing but rather to its model or era. If you have a Victorian home or a Colonial home, your garage must match it. For the added value of your property and to make it more pleasing to the eye, your new garage must compliment the style of your home.

The Design and Location of the Door

Adding a garage means putting in a new door. Regardless if it is a detached or attached garage, you will have to put a door on it. One thing to consider for the door is how to open it. Will you have an overhead door or a swing one? Should it be inward or outward?

In addition, would you like to add a walk-thru door or one door for your car is enough?

Other Features

Before having your new garage in Highland, consider having features that will make it more functional and organized. For example, should you add a sink area, drawers, lighting options, windows, and fire exit?

You can also consider having custom fit cabinet around it in case you also want to use it as a storage for your car maintenance tools.

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