What Material Should You Use to Reroof Your Historic Home in New Berlin, WI?

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Roofing Contractor


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Owning a historic home is a point of pride for many people. In the United States, there are homes still being used that were built hundreds of years ago – many of them in very good condition. However, older homes will need some elements replaced every so often – and one of those is the roof.

What material should you choose when replacing the roof of your historic home? Here are a few suggestions; find the one that best works with your home’s overall construction and aesthetic:

Wood Shingles

The oldest roofing option in the US still in use today are wood shingles. Wood shingle were present in structures built before the colonies were even officially named. These days, these shingles make an attractive crown for an already beautiful building. The most durable option is cedar, which will last the longest in the face of nearly any climate.


Slate has been a popular option since the early days of the United States. A more expensive choice then and now, slate is long-lasting. This means that some homes fitted with slate roofing in New Berlin, WI may still have the original slate pieces intact. Be sure to find out whether you should patch or replace your slate roof, as either option can be pricey.

Terra Cotta

This baked clay tile is popular in the western and southern United States but can be found everywhere. Most used in Mission-style buildings, terra cotta brings a durable, beautiful, and strikingly colorful element to any home or business it tops.


You might not think of metal as a good fit for a historic home, but today’s metal roofing is some of the most versatile than ever before. Ask your roofer about the many options available in metal. There is a color, finish, and panel style that will work for nearly any home, especially in styles like colonial.

Preserve the legacy of your historic home with Heins Contracting in New Berlin, WI! When it comes to reroofing, the choice of materials is crucial. Trust their experienced team to guide you through options like wood shingles, slate, terra cotta, or modern metal roofing. For more information, visit Heinscontracting.com.

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