When and Why to Use Polymer Modified Overlays Stockton, CA

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Flooring


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Polymer concrete overlay systems are a cost effective method of revitalizing unattractive or damaged concrete or wooden floors, and polymer modified overlays in Stockton, CA can help make your business or residential floor like new again. It can do this by a combination of repairing a floor and making it level and smooth with the new surface that is created.

Polymer Modified Overlays in Stockton, CA are Versatile

Polymer Modified Overlays from Stockton, CA applications are also a very versatile choice for floors. After being installed, it can have various stains, designs, polish, etc. placed down to meet your style and décor desires. This type of floor is much less expensive than having to totally new concrete slab floor installed, and saves time and mess since it doesn’t involve having to replace the entire floor all over again.

What are the Best Uses for Polymer Modified Overlays?

If you are trying to decide whether or not to try polymer modified overlays in Stockton, CA for your floor at home, some of the best uses of this flooring system are to add some texture, color or patterns of decoration to your existing patio, deck, driveway or even a sidewalk. It can be made to look like stones, brick, slate or tiles.

You can also use it to resurface interior floors that used to be linoleum or even carpeting if all the existing resin is moved prior to installation. It cures quickly and you can be walking on it in just a few hours in most cases.

Skilled Installers Needed for Polymer Overlay

One thing to be certain of is to get the proper installers who are experts in polymer modified overlays in Stockton, CA.

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