Why You Might Choose Non-Impact Window Installers in Weston, FL

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Home Improvement


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A time may come when the windows in a home or business may need to be replaced. At such times, the homeowner or business owner must decide what kind of windows would be best as replacement windows. The two main options that are offered are impact-resistant windows and non-impact windows. At first glance, the former may seem to be the obvious choice. However, there are many factors that must be considered. A contractor who provides non-impact window installers in Weston FL advises potential customers what these factors consist of.

Impact-resistant windows are designed, of course, to withstand strong winds. It must not be inferred, however, that the window will not break. Any debris from a strong wind could break the window, but the impact-resistant window is designed so that it doesn’t shatter. This type of window is also very expensive. The non-impact windows musBrowardscreenandwindow.comt be accompanied by shutters in order to help shield the windows against storms. Other than providing an extra layer of protection against high winds, the impact-resistant windows really offer nothing else that the non-impact window can’t.

Non-impact windows can be designed to be just as attractive and complementary to the home as the impact-resistant windows. Non-impact windows can also be made energy-efficient, as well as the impact-resistant models. Standard, non-impact windows will be fine as long as the appropriate hurricane shutters are installed with them. If this is the personal choice the individual or business owner wants to make, he or she should ensure that the contractor chosen is one who insists on the highest quality of work.

Broward Screen And Window Inc has been providing window installation solutions for customers in the Broward County area for several years. Customers are invited to purchase impact-resistant or non-impact windows, whatever their choice. Specific services offered are window installation, screen repair, screen enclosures, steel columns and slabs, super gutters, insulated roofs, pan roofs, fascia, and PGT windows. The contractor insists on ensuring customers are ready for the hurricane season. If you are looking for non-impact window installers in Weston FL, the contractor is available.

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