Adding Etched Designs To Framed Glass Shower Doors in Indianapolis IN

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Home Improvement


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If a glass shower door does not provide enough privacy, a simple etched design can be added to portions of glass by completing the following project. Once a design has been added, an individual will not feel exposed while bathing or showering and the design will provide a bathroom with beauty.


   *      glass cleaner

   *      lint-free towel

   *      measuring tape

   *      stencils

   *      masking tape

   *      bottle of etching cream

   *      plastic cup

   *      paintbrush

   *      sponge

   *      bucket of water

   *      soft cloth

Removing Smudges From Glass And Preparing A Door

Glass cleaner and a lint-free towel can be used to remove fingerprints and dirty residue from the exterior of Framed Glass Shower Doors in Indianapolis IN. A lint-free towel needs to wiped carefully over a glass enclosure to dry its surface. Masking tape should be secured to the edges of stencils in order for them to adhere to glass. If it is difficult to line up stencils evenly, a measuring tape can be used. If there are any trim pieces or handles near the portions of glass that will have cream added to them, strips of tape can be added to protect them.

Adding Cream To Glass

Cream can be poured into a disposable cup. A thin paintbrush that is covered with cream needs to be applied to the center of each stencil. Brush strokes should be straight, and if too much cream is added to some sections, a damp sponge can be used to eliminate it. Once cream has a translucent appearance, it can be removed from the glass with a damp sponge. A sponge will need to be rinsed out periodically and should never be moved roughly over a glass surface. Once the cream has been eliminated, a door can be dried with a soft cloth.

Framed glass shower doors in Indianapolis IN will need to be cleaned with mild detergent that has been mixed with water in order for an etched design to remain clean and intact. If damage ever occurs to a door or if an individual is interested in having a new door installed in their home, they can contact Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors or a similar company for assistance.

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