Common Questions About Wood Windows In Los Angeles, CA

by | May 29, 2019 | Windows


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In Los Angeles, property owners who prefer wooden windows assess details about the products. Among the details property owners should consider are the cost, longevity, energy rating, and when a replacement is needed. A local contractor who performs repairs and installations can answer common questions about wood windows in Los Angeles, CA.

What Affects the Total Cost of the Wooden Windows?

The type of wood affects the total value of the wood windows. For example, a mahogany window could cost up to $2,000. A wood window constructed of pine averages around $200. Additionally, the size of the window and its style could play roles in the cost.

Double-pane windows cost more than single-pane windows. If the manufacturer applies a high-efficiency glaze on the glass, the wood window could cost more. Also, the total number of layers increases the value of the installation dramatically. For example, triple-pane windows are the most expensive choices among the products.

What is the Projected Longevity of Wooden Windows?

Wood windows have a lifespan of twenty years or more. However, the property owner must maintain the windows according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Why Does the Energy Star Rating Matter?

The Energy Star rating defines the savings generated by the window installation. Typically, the range for the savings is between three and twenty-four percent. The rating defines how much the homeowners will save on their energy bills each year. However, the temperatures and thickness of the insulation could play a role in the exact savings produced.

What are the Reasons for Replacing the Windows?

Signs of wear such as rot, air leaking around the panes, and fogged glass are reasons to replace the window. Rot requires immediate replacement, as the window will fail and is compromised easily. Air leaks could indicate improper insulation or cracks in the glass. If the glass fogs, the seal around the glass is damaged.

In Los Angeles, property owners choose wood windows due to their higher-than-average lifespans. The products are also more versatile than other window selections. It is also possible for the property owner to increase their home’s energy efficiency. Property owners who want to install wood windows in Los Angeles, CA can visit us website for more details.

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