Discover the Best Application Techniques for Applying Acrylic Paints

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Painting


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For many years, you had two basic choices for house painting in Kenmore, WA. You could use oil-based or latex (water-based) paint. However, today you have another choice which is acrylic paint. This paint is very durable and bonds well to many surfaces. However, it is important to understand the proper application techniques to get the most for your money.

Acrylic Latex

Most acrylic paint for painting projects is actually acrylic latex paint. When it comes to quality, this paint ranks among the best. In fact, well-trained painting professionals like the ones at Rite Painting, recommend this paint for customers needing exceptional weather resistance and durability. Like standard latex paint, acrylic latex is water-based. Acrylic resin (binder) holds the latex paint together. However, some paints are one hundred percent acrylic and are quite expensive.


When painting a home exterior with brushes, avoid using full cans of paint for application. Instead, pour the paint into a bucket like many painting contractors in Bothell, WA do. This method is neater and lets you mix the paint one more time.

Work Quickly

Acrylic latex paint dries fast. You cannot leave brushes or rollers lying around very long. If not, you could run into some problems.

Lay It on First

Load the brush up and then apply it to the home exterior. Make sure it does not run. Next, you can smooth out the paint before it dries. This makes the job go faster and easier.


If your doors have panels, paint them first. Use long brush strokes and make sure to work the paint into the edges of each panel. This gives the door a smoother and well-painted appearance.

For best results, talk to your painting pros in Bellevue, WA. They offer many services including color consulting. This is the easiest way to enjoy a beautiful acrylic paint job.

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