Electronic Keypads: Are They Really That Effective?

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Locksmith


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One of the most common security solutions that is currently used in commercial buildings is the electronic keypad. Electronic keypads have been around for many decades now, and have been popularized by media culture as well. However, many have wondered whether these keypads are really as effective as powerful locking systems. Basically, the keypad prevents access through a door unless you are able to enter a specific key code. However, there is a reason why they are used so commonly in different organizations. Here are some of the major reasons why these keypads are so effective.


Movies will have you believe that simply breaking down a keypad will open the door automatically. In reality, that is not true; if a person tries to apply brute force to bypass the keypad, it will automatically go into full-lock mode, thus disabling access altogether. Electronic keypads also have a number of other fail-safes built into them; if you enter the wrong code several times, the system will automatically shut off for the next hour or so.


Companies such as Security Shop Inc. offer electronic keypads at very affordable prices. You can view the options available on their website or talk to a security expert to find out more about the different types of keypads that they offer. Compared to other security options, which can cost a small fortune to say the least, these keypads are an ideal choice. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on securing your workplace, but still want to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed inside, installing an electronic keypad is a wise move. It is much better than simply installing locks and giving out keys to every employee, because in doing so, there is a very high risk that a person might lose their key!

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