Filling Holes In Vinyl Siding Is A Basic House Siding Repair

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Siding Repair


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If a couple pieces of vinyl siding on a home’s exterior have small holes in their surface, siding caulk can be used to fill them by completing the House Siding Repair steps below. Siding caulk that is the same color as original siding will restore a home’s exterior.


  • The vinyl cleaning agent
  • soft-bristled scrub brush
  • water hose
  • tube of siding caulk
  • caulk gun
  • plastic scraper

Cleaning Damaged Pieces And Purchasing Caulk

Damaged pieces of siding can be sprayed with a vinyl cleaning agent. A soft-bristled scrub brush or a sponge can be used to loosen dirty residue from vinyl. A water hose should be used to rinse treated surfaces. A tube of siding caulk that matches the color of damaged siding pieces can be purchased from a siding distributor. If a siding business does not have a particular color of caulk in stock, they can match the color. An individual can bring a piece of siding with them when they are ready to purchase caulk to assist with preparing a color that matches.

Filling Holes With Caulk

A tube of siding caulk needs to inserted in a caulk gun’s chamber. The tip of a tube of caulk should be cut at an angle before caulking. While a tube’s tip is inside a hole, a gun’s trigger will need to be squeezed. After all of the holes are filled, a plastic scraper can be moved firmly over repaired areas to remove excess caulk. Caulk may take several hours to dry.

Siding can be maintained by cleaning it with non-abrasive products and tools when pieces have stains on them. If an individual would like to have new siding installed on their home or if pieces of siding are damaged, and a House Siding Repair cannot be completed with basic steps, information about siding installation can be acquired by visiting usor a comparable website.

A siding company sells vinyl and cement siding. Brick or concrete veneers can also be installed to provide a home with an updated appearance. Contact information is provided, allowing a customer to learn more about products before making an appointment to have work completed.

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