How to Find a Company that does Commercial Roofing in Corvallis, OR

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance


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If you own commercial property, then you may need to hire a roofing company to repair storm damage, check for leaks, or replace the roof in an effort to reduce the energy bills. Whether you intend to retain a company or hire a different one for each project, here are some tips to help find a company that does commercial roofing in Corvallis, OR.

Go Online

By “Googling” roofing companies in your area, you should be able to quickly compile a list of those specializing in commercial roofing. Research the companies by reviewing their websites and checking online reviews. It is important to read what past clients say about the company’s customer service and the quality of their work.

Check Credentials

It is important to make sure all commercial roofing companies are properly licensed and insured. Most licensed companies strive to comply with all local and state regulations, and do quality work as a result. A company should carry liability insurance to cover employees who are hurt on the job. This type of insurance also covers any damage done to your property by the company’s employees, which saves you money in the case of a mistake or accident.

Ask for Estimates

After compiling a list of commercial roofing companies, ask them to bid on your roofing project by submitting written estimates. Although your budget is an important consideration, the lowest bid may not always be the best one. Read the estimates carefully and accept the one that offers the most value, rather than the least expensive one.

Read Contract Carefully

Before signing a contract, make sure that it includes everything that was previously discussed with the roofing company. Compare it to their written estimate to make sure the prices are the same. Also ensure that all terms and conditions are evident, with no hidden fees or surcharges.

By following these tips, you should be able to find a company to take care of the roofing needs for your company.

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