The Importance of Smoke Damage Restoration Billings MT

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Restoration Services


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If you’ve had a house fire, then obviously the biggest concern on your mind is the damage caused by the fire itself. If there’s anything left of your house that makes it livable again, there’s still likely extensive damage to your belongings, home interior, and a lot else. But there’s another type of damage you need to consider: smoke damage. This is when the smoke has permeated throughout your entire home and has stained much of the interior, gotten caught up in cobwebs, etc. It may not seem like a lot, but it can leave extensive damage if not treated. As such, here are the worst effects of smoke damage to show you the importance of smoke damage restoration Billings MT.

Reactions caused by humidity

If you live in a humid area, then smoke damage can potentially cause further harm to you just by being around on a particularly humid day. Humidity is caused by excess water in the air, and depending on what was burned in the fire, and thus what particles comprise the smoke, the high moisture content in the air may cause a corrosive reaction in the lingering smoke. This will cause further harm to your home, your family, and to yourself, and so the damage must be corrected post-haste.

Damage over time

If smoke has gotten into your walls or other surfaces, then restoration needs to come as soon as possible, because the longer it remains in those surfaces, the more damage it causes. Smoke contains a significant amount of acid and acid-like materials that, when left on a surface for too long, will cause secondary damage that will make things worse. At best it will weaken the etching or pitting on a table or unimportant wall. At worst it can weaken the structural stability of a load bearing wall or support beam.

Smoke has gotten into most of your house, guaranteed

What this means is the volume of air has been proven to double every 10 degrees, which in turn compresses smoke molecules and further disperses soot. And the greater that pressure, the more compressed molecules like smoke will be driven into porous surfaces. And a lot of materials in your house are porous.

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