The Latest Trends In Residential Doors In Jacksonville, FL

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Doors and Windows


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One of the first things visitors see when visiting a home is the front door, and it’s important to make a good first impression. Something as simple as changing out a door can add a great deal of curb appeal and give an old and tired looking home a revitalized look that is welcoming and warm. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with the vast array of Residential Doors in Jacksonville, FL that are available, but the following is a look at the latest trends.

Decorative Wood Doors
Few door styles convey the charm and beauty of those made from natural wood and stained a beautiful coordinating color. Wooden styles come in a vast selection of designs, and can even be made to look like antique pieces while still providing modern insulative properties. Wood doors do require regular refinishing to retain their beauty, but they are designed to last a lifetime and can give any home a formal appearance.

Glass Models With Built-In Blinds
Many homeowners like the idea of a glass door, as it helps to let sunlight in and offers an unimpeded view of the great outdoors. The problem is that when they want additional privacy, they have to mess with a blind that can often take away from the visual splendor of the unit. Manufacturers have solved this issue by creating doors that have the blinds built in, which allows it to provide privacy without creating an unsightly appearance when closed.

Threshold Free Entry Systems
It is a common misconception that Residential Doors in Jacksonville, FL must have a threshold to operate, but the newest trend is doors that work on a swinging hinge system and have a seal on the bottom to prevent the need of an unsightly threshold application. They still provide excellent protection from wind and other natural elements but allow the indoors and outdoors to blend seamlessly.

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