Window Replacement in Novato, CA

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Windows


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There are a number of ways that residential windows get broken. Your window can get broken by kids playing ball outside, kids playing ball inside, by vandalizism or other criminal activity. In many cases, your window can be repaired. However, when the damage to your window is severe, it may need to be replaced.

A broken window should be replaced as soon as possible. When your window is broken, the safety of your property is compromised, especially if the window is on the first floor of your home. An opportunistic criminal can easily enter your home and steal your property. You cannot secure your belongings inside your home without all of your windows. The company you choose for Window Replacement in Novato, CA should be able to come to your home quickly. If your glass is broken after normal business hours, a glass company with 24 hour service may be able to replace your window by the next morning.

Windows protect your home from the weather outdoors. Without one or more windows, your home will be exposed to wind, rain or blowing objects. You may have to move furniture and fragile objects away from the window while it is broken. If the broken window is in a bedroom, you or your family member may need to sleep in another room until you have a new window. The sooner you get your window replaced, the sooner you will be able to get back to your normal life.

Broken windows do severe damage to your home’s curb appeal. Neighborhoods with several broken windows see substantial reductions in their property values. If your window is broken for more than a couple of days, expect your neighbors to knock on your door to ask you when you are going to replace it. Neighborhood associations often have rules about broken windows that may require you to replace your window within a certain time frame to avoid a fine or violation.

Northwest Exteriors provides professional Window Replacement in Novato, CA. With 24 hour service, they can come to your home in a hurry. Northwest Exteriors has been serving the glass needs of Novato, CA since 1962 and has satisfied more than 100,000 homeowners and businesses in the Novato area.

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