To Improve the Acoustics in Your Space Consider a Wood Wall System

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Woodworking


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Acoustical wood wall systems have many applications, especially in the hospitality and entertainment industries. Corporate offices can also benefit from the warm ambiance and acoustical qualities of wood wall panels. Wood not only softens and attenuates sound, but it also softens and warms the feel of any environment.

Its porous nature gives wood natural acoustic qualities, but when the panels are scientifically engineered, that quality is significantly enhanced. By cutting or drilling certain patterns into the wood, the acoustical wall panels attenuate sound to perfection. A room becomes quiet, yet music and voice can be heard clearly throughout the space.

Restaurants, hotels, casinos, concert and lecture halls all use acoustical wood wall systems. These not only create a pleasant sound environment but also a warm, beautiful, and welcoming space. Often, people feel more relaxed in a peaceful environment made of natural wood. This makes it an important psychological design aspect.

Acoustical wood wall systems can be made in a variety of woods, including ash, beech, cherry, poplar, oak, and more. In turn, these can be stained and finished in any shade, ranging from pale ash to deep ebony. Wood wall panels can be crafted to blend with any style of décor, from traditional to minimalist.

If your space has terrible acoustics and also needs a stylish facelift, consider installing acoustical wood wall panels. Your guests will see, hear and feel a positive difference.

Visit Rulon International for beautiful, custom acoustical wood wall and ceiling systems to positively transform your space.

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