Using A Roofing Contractor in Johnston To Repair A Foam Roof

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Roofing


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When a company has a foam rooftop, they will want to take the appropriate steps in maintaining it so it lasts for several years. Foam roofing is beneficial as it adds a layer of insulation to a building, often saving several dollars in energy costs throughout the year. To help keep these costs low, the roof needs to remain intact without any tears in the structure. Here are some steps a Roofing Contractor in Johnston would do to keep this type of roof in the best of condition.

The rooftop should be kept clear of debris. If a storm leads to debris on top of the roof, it should be removed right way. Leaving debris can lead to the pooling of water underneath. This, in turn, could lead to the deterioration of the foam surface. It is best to do routine cleanings to remove branches, leaves, and dirt from a foam roof regularly.

When leaking is found inside the building, a contractor will need to take a look at the foam for areas where it appears to be decaying. A small tear can lead to moisture troubles. The contractor will do an evaluation of the roof and make any necessary repairs needed.

This is done with a heavy-duty caulk to adhere ripped portions of foam together, blocking the wood underneath from moisture. A new coating of foam would be applied after caulk repairs the rip. Then a sealant would be applied over the foam to help protect the roof from further damage.

Sometimes gutter systems can cause leaking. The contractor will also remove any debris from this area if it is suspected to be the reasoning for a leak inside the building. The maintenance department of the company can also take the time to routinely remove gutter debris.

If someone wishes to have a Roofing Contractor take a look at their own rooftop, they can find a reliable service in the area. One could click here for more info to get the process starting in making repairs to the roof in a professional manner. Call today for an evaluation and estimate.

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