Eliminate the Hassle of Pesky Animals With Opossum Removal in Columbus OH

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Animal Removal


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One thing about animals that is almost universally true is that providing them with food will ensure that they return. This bit of wisdom may be useful when attempting to win the trust of a stray dog or cat, but it points out a problem if the creature is an opossum or other nuisance animal. Access to a source of food makes life a bit easier for them and tends to force the property owner to seek out opossum removal in Columbus OH. Of course, most people do not intentionally leave food for these pesky critters, but they have a way of locating it anyhow.

For instance, the opossum loves to sift through garbage cans, and they have an excellent sense of smell. Plus, opossums are not very picky, and many of the foods that people toss are a treat for them. Another possible source of food is pet foods, and it rarely matters what type of pet the homeowner has. Opossums will eat almost all types including cat or dog foods or the seeds left out for birds.Perhaps the main reason to call for Opossum Removal in Columbus OH is because these creatures can be dangerous. The opossum is a nervous animal. They will quickly turn and try to scare a predator away. In spite of the cases where the opossum plays dead, they have been known to be aggressive.

This is often to protect the nest or young, however, the situation could be dangerous to both humans and pets. Opossums can carry some pretty nasty diseases that are transferred through saliva.The best way to handle an opossum problem is to contact an expert. A contractor that traps the animal humanely will eliminate the hazards of dealing with this pesky nuisance. Signs of an opossum problem include animal droppings, another animal consuming pet foods and trash cans routinely dumped over.

Granted, these indicators can have other causes such as raccoons, but opossums tend to be sluggish when eating and often stay close to the source of food. Eliminating the food source may help, but these animals can be aggressive when searching for food and have been known to enter homes, garages and other areas. Browse our website to learn more about opossum control.

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