Do You Want to Go Wireless? Try This New Type of Smoke Alarm

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Security


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Many people choose to protect themselves and their families with various security systems. There are also lots of different types of insurances available for homes and cars depending on the common natural problems found in the area. But one thing that all houses and businesses must have by law is a smoke detector. Smoke detectors are set up to sound an alarm when there is a high amount of smoke in the air caused by a fire. These tiny alarms have saved millions of lives by alerting the people in the vicinity the danger and allowing them to quickly escape to safety. That’s why the addition of this alarm in every home and business is a must.

Types of Fire Alarms

There are many different types of alarms on the market today. The most commonly used is the average smoke alarm, but there are many other variations of this alarm, such as a carbon monoxide detector and even a combination of a smoke/carbon monoxide detector in one.

Different Models

There are many different models of these alarms available on the market as well. Older models required wiring set up from a technician to complete the installation process, but today, there are many wireless options as well. These can be installed quickly and without any additional help from an electrician. Newer models of these smoke detectors are also programmed to work in a chain. That means that if one alarm sounds off, the other alarms around it also get set off. This is a safer and more efficient option for someone who has a larger home because it allows the sound of the alarm to alert all members of the home, regardless of where they are.  Finding the right alarm for your home is easier than ever with the help of a professional.

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